Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Tami M

When buying my first home I was afraid of not being able to afford the payments each month on my salary but Bilal broke down payments based on each home I looked at buying. Finally when I was comfortable with the payment aspect of buying I saw the house I’m in now, but wasn’t completely sold on it because the colours the previous owner used were unimpressive and Bilal allowed me to see the skeleton of the house and the value of the way each room was laid out. With a little paint and my own personal touch, not only can I afford it but it’s the envy of my friend’s and family’s eyes. Thanks Bilal for making my dream of owning a home a reality.

By: Mark J.

Hardworking, honest and very trustworthy. Bilal helped us sell our home above our expected price. He was very accommodating and always worked around our schedule. From our past experiences with previous Realtors we always felt like we were being pressured to sell or buy. With Bilal he let us take control but always gave us his professional advice. Bilal is the Realtor our family will definitely be contacting anytime we are looking to buy or sell!

By: Aleia B

Bilal went above and beyond to meet our needs. As first time buyers with quite the handful of demands, Bilal worked very hard to carefully review our needs and interests to ensure we were satisfied all while making the biggest purchase of our lives. Bilal spent endless hours searching for homes and travelling across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond to find us that special home. His dedication and cooperation made for a comfortable experience, and for a family that had a lot of needs, Bilal always smiled and always tried to meet them.

By: Ahmad A

Bilal started out as my Realtor and many years later became a very close friend. This guy is absolutely wonderful and pleasant to deal with. Even after the purchase of my home, Bilal kept in touch to see if there was anything I needed. Bilal always keeps me informed about the real estate market and always updates me about the value of my house. Thanks for being a friend Bilal!

By: Nabil E

Wonderful from beginning to end! His energetic character was great even upon our first time meeting. His patience is phenomenal, even when we felt discouraged at times by the housing market, Bilal always left us with a positive outlook and in the end he made us very pleased. Not only did he get us a house within our budget, he even got it below the asking price. His negotiation skills and perseverance was exactly what we needed.

By: Jeff and Ying

Bilal is very knowledgeable, professional and an excellent communicator. He helped us with multiple property purchases and sales. You can trust him to deal with things and make arrangements quickly and efficiently. He keeps you updated regularly throughout the transaction and knows his stuff. A+++ experience!! Highly recommended!!

By: Tina L

Absolutely amazing at what he does! Bilal is very informed about the real estate market and provided us with stealer advice. He was patient every step of the way. For first time buyers we were lost and had no clue what the next step would be. Bilal made the transaction simple for us while we still managed to live our day to day lives. Bilal had all the resources required to close the transaction from lawyers, inspectors, mortgage brokers to even handymen that renovated our home when we moved in. Thank you Bilal for making or journey an easy one!